When I was turned down from a couple of major hospitals for my leg operation and one of the hospitals was even planning to remove it, as I was suffering a major accident, I was scared and tensed, at that moment I was undertaken by Dr. Shrinivas for my operation. The chance of recovery from an operation was minimum, but the medical expertise of Dr. Shrinivas helped me recover at an amazing speed. My operation went for 8 long hours and was a successful one, thanks to Dr. Shrinivas. I always feel indebted to Dr. Shrinivas for giving me a second chance to stand on my legs again .
-- Anil Pandey
One of my journalistic assignments which I will cherish all my life was my interviewing Dr D.Shrinivas. One look at the way of holding my hand while taking down notes made him realize that I had real problems with my elbow, wrists and neck!
“Reduce using computer, reduce your work, always use supporting bandages for your wrists problem (Carpal tunnel syndrome), elbow (tennis elbow) and wear a neck support (spondylitis). You have taken many years to deteriorate so much now give your bones a year or two to heal ,” was his gentle but firm advice.
I did just that. With all those bandages on me, according to my nephew I resembled a Gladiator! But I followed the instructions. Today without going under any scalpel (operation), nor resorting to any drastic medications except for a painkiller now and then, I have not only resumed my old life but have become an active journalist once again.
-- Surekha Kadapa Bose (Mumbai based journalist)
Over the past ten years, cutting across three generations, fractures and swellings reported by family have been attended to by the ever-smiling and ever-comforting Dr Shrinivas. From my aged mother's hand fracture to my own leg injury, and subsequently, my daughter's accident, he was just a phone call away. His prescriptions include minimum medication and maximum comfort- a practice that is often not the order of the day in other hospitals. In fact, his expertise, skill and support have not been limited to the household alone. He has also been of great help to me professionally, when factory workers employed in my enterprise accidentally sustained grave injuries while operating machinery. With a timely surgery and medication, Dr Shrinivas was of great help in ensuring their speedy recovery.
-- Revathy Ganapathy
I had a road travel accident in Dec 2014, and was diagnosed with compound fractures in my left leg, with fractures in tibia and fibula. My treatment was undertaken by Dr. D. Shrinivas at Sushrut hospital in Chembur. He performed a surgery to insert a titanium rod in my left leg between my knee and my ankle. Dr. Shrinivas has been a constant source of motivation from the first time he saw me, through my surgery and the subsequent recovery period. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and was very proactive in giving information about the surgery. Owing to this I did not feel lost or helpless at any point. He recommended me to a very good physiotherapist, and was in touch with her to oversee my progress. His best qualities are his smiling face and motivational words, that kept me going through a very difficult period. He also treated my parents for multiple fractures, and was always very kind, understanding and proactive with them. All in all, as a family, we had a very good experience with Dr. Shrinivas.
-- Tushar Ambre
My name is Abhishek Desai, I’m a Sports Man. I had an injurie to my left leg. Which was caused while playing university kabaddi match last year and it was a Comminuted fracture to tibia bone? I was not in a position to stand on my legs. That time I was been taken care by Dr. shrinivas under his observation. That time I used to think, I lost my career, and I will not able to play sports further in future. But that time I was in right hand under truly extra ordinary, highly experience orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. shrinivas. He had done my bone surgery using nail, and within 1 month after my Surgery I was in a position to stand on my legs with support. And later after 6 months I can properly walk without any support. Now, after a year I’m fully recovered from my injury, and now I m a sports teacher in a well-known School. This is all just because of Dr. Shrinivas, I am truly blessed to have you as a doctor. Thank you for your kindness and good humor.
-- Abhishek Desai
In Dec 2011 I had slipped and broken my left leg very badly near ankle and was admitted in NIRAMAYA HOSPITAL under DR.D.SHRINIWAS for treatment. I am diabetic and was there for around 7-8 days. Doctor instructed for best care and all the tests required before OPERATION of my leg for fixing it. Doctor Operated and fixed my Left Leg by installment of a ROD and Plate very expertly. I was able to walk normally again in three months time without any kind of complications. In 2014 Dr. suggested the removal of ROD AND PLATE implant, which also he performed very expertly and I am on my way to NORMAL walking.
-- Satpal Singh Chawla
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent diagnosis and treatment of my condition (intra vertebral disc prolapsed) also known as slip disc. Sir, before meeting you, I had lost all hope of escaping surgery as recommended by other orthopedics, which also would have affected my career in marketing. But, because of you are accurate diagnosis and with physiotherapy sessions, I was able to get back on my feet and progress in my career as well. My family is also indebted to you. Thank you for everything Sir.
-- Maruti Hundre
It’s a pleasure to write & express my heartfelt gratitude for the quality treatment that you rendered during my Acute Intervertebral disc prolapsed with rt radiculopathy in Oct 2010. The pain was so excruciating that I was almost disabled & feared the worst for myself. But Dr. Shrinivas Sir Thanks a million to you, for not only diagnosing but for managing my backache & getting me back hale & heartily back on my feet in less than 2 months without surgical intervention. This makes me look upto you with more reverence. Thanks a lot Sir for helping me for my backpain heal naturally. It makes me feel blessed to have taken treatment from you & may be that’s the reason why I rushed to you for my mother's knee pain & my sisters' shoulder pains. It’s nice to have you just a phone call away...Thanks Sir.
-- Dr.Tarul Jadhav